Seaport yacht brokers are professionals who specialize in the buying, selling, and trading of luxury yachts. They work closely with clients to help them navigate the complex world of yacht ownership and ensure that they find the perfect vessel to meet their needs.

One of the key benefits of working with a seaport yacht broker is the level of expertise they bring to the table. These professionals have extensive knowledge of the yacht market, including current trends, pricing, and availability. They also have a deep understanding of the technical aspects of yacht ownership, including maintenance, insurance, and legal requirements.

Seaport yacht brokers work with clients to understand their unique needs and preferences, including the type of yacht they are looking for, the budget they have to work with, and the intended use of the vessel. They then use their knowledge and experience to help clients find the best possible options and negotiate the best possible deals.

Overall, seaport yacht brokers are an essential resource for anyone interested in yacht ownership. Whether you are looking to buy your first yacht, upgrade to a larger vessel, or sell your current yacht, working with a seaport yacht broker can help you achieve your goals and make the most of your investment.



Seaport Yachtbrokers is an independent yachtbroker specialized in the brands of Nautor Swan, Solaris Yachts and J/Boats. Working closely together with the distributors and agents for these brands in the Benelux.


Our headoffice is located in loosdrecht, right in the center of the Netherlands and in the heart of the watersport world in the Netherlands. 

Loosdrecht offers a true watersport loving environment. We love to welcome you to our office, or on one of our yachts

Seaport Yachtbrokers

The Seaport Yachtbrokers team

The team of Seaport Yachtbrokers is here to help you. From left to right: Art Hiddinga (Nautor’s Swan), Gideon Messink (All brands) and Jelle Dingemans (J/Boats & Solaris). Combined, this team has over 20years of experience in national and International brokerage and mediation. Wether you are looking for a boat, or selling your boat, we are here to assist you!

Art Hiddinga

(Nautor’s Swan)

Gideon Messink

(All brands)

Jelle Dingemans

(J/Boats & Solaris)